The unit has well engineering layout and is equipped with the latest machinery, equipment and inspection facility. The unit has large facility material and finished products with give KIPL an edge in timely supply and delivery of quality products to customer.

Plant Information

Plot Area : 9,58,320 Sq Feet ( 22 Acres ) Installed Capacity : Total – 95000 MT Per annum


  • 07 : nos of Shades ( Size 100 Feet x 284 feet )
  • 22- Nos of Over Head Cranes
  • 05 – Nos Of mobile Cranes
  • 01- No Of Trailor
  • 03- Nos Of Tempos

List of In-house Testing facility

1.0 Dimensional checking of physical properties

Vernier, Micrometer , Guage etc.

2.0 Galvanization Test Facility
2.1 Stripping Test :
For Zinc Coating Thickness as per the procedure IS-4759 and IS-6745

2.2 Uniformity of Zinc Coating Test :
As per the procedure of IS 2633

2.3 Adhesion Test :
As per the procedure of IS 2629

If the customer desires, third party Test Report, M/S E.R.D.A Baroda, M/S MET HEAT ENGINNERS & M/S ADBVANCE METAL TESTING LABORATORY Approved are standard laboratories with NABL approval

  • Physical & chemical properties are checked at third party laboratory.
  • Tensile physical testing and bend test are also been done at our works.
  • In-house galvanizing testing are also been performed at our works.